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Alternative Approval Process

August 30, 2017

The Alternative Approval Process (AAP) process allows you to indicate your opposition to a proposal. Certain agreements, bylaws (such as a borrowing bylaw or a park exchange bylaw) or other matters require permission from the electors before they can be adopted by Council. There are two options to achieve that permission: through an AAP or through Assent Voting (formerly known as a referendum).

Councils most commonly use an AAP to gauge public opinion – it is a less expensive option than using Assent Voting and can be used whenever the legislation requires the municipality to obtain permission from the electors.

AAP Notice – Well No 3
Water Service Area Map Bylaw 165
Bylaw No. 165, 2017 Well No. 3 Loan Authorization Bylaw
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Clearwater Water Supply Well No. 3 Presentation-2017 09 13
AAP PPT 9-13-17