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CED Task Force – Doug Borrow

Doug Borrow

Clearwater is more than a place of business for Doug Borrow, a 42-year resident. It’s where customers and friends are like family and you know everyone by name.

Borrow, who moved to Clearwater at the age of 10 when his dad was hired by a local sawmill, said the sense of friendship is one of his favourite things about the town.

Seeing people he knows in the community is the favourite part of his day. “It’s nice when you go downtown and you know just about everyone.”

“It’s a quiet, friendly, safe town. It’s a great place to raise kids without a lot of the concerns you’d have in a city. Here, people watch out for everybody’s kids, it’s cheaper to live, and the access to outdoor activity is uncompared–you can pretty much be skiing or fishing in five minutes.”

Community support extends to his business, Borrow Enterprises. Being based in a small community means most advertising–and feedback–is through world of mouth. Borrow notes it’s a great way to get referrals and find out what you’re doing right and what you could do better.

“There’s a lot of opportunity here because there’s not a lot of competition compared to larger centres. There’s always an option to start something new or bring something new to town,” said Borrow, who embraces this entrepreneurial view, starting and owning a number of local enterprises himself.

Borrow started his first business, a gas station, at the age of 19 and went on to open a Dairy Queen and start a construction company.

“There’s lots of opportunity to grow for business no matter what it is,” said Borrow. “Diversification is really important, and is harder to do in bigger centres. If one sector goes down, the other ones will keep you afloat.”

When not focused on business, Borrow enjoys the outdoor amenities Clearwater has to offer including camping, fishing and snowmobiling.

“I always recommend Wells Gray Park to visitors, but everywhere in town is a place I’d recommend as a good place to check out.”

Website: www.beltd.ca