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CED Task Force – Jeff Lamond

Jeff Lamond

14 years ago Jeff Lamond and his wife left Kamloops to put down roots in Clearwater, and says it was the best decision his wife ever made. At the time, his wholesale nursery business was located by Little Fort and they were spending most of their down time enjoying the outdoor recreation opportunities around Clearwater.

“It just made more sense to live where we play,” said Lamond. “There’s amazing access to backcountry skiing, climbing, fishing, dirt biking, and snowmobiling.”

He relocated his business to Clearwater three years later and now grows and provides landscaping plants to the community. Lamond grows almost all of his products locally and he enjoys getting to know his customers and helping them find what they need. The greenhouse has become so successful, it’s often a destination for many visitors from out of town, including customers from 100 Mile House, BC and Jasper, AB.

“I feel lucky to be able to grow and expand every year,” said Lamond. “My skill set is growing plants. My amazing staff, and their marketing and customer service efforts, are definitely key to this success.”

He also feels lucky to be able to spend time with his family everyday and not to have a commute which takes time away from his kids.

“What I am able to have is a luxury for a lot of people who work in the city. I have a great quality of life with my family. I get to have breakfast and dinner with them every day–sometimes even lunch.”

Lamond loves the feeling of camaraderie and family of the entire community, which stepped up to support him last year when he was battling cancer. He was worried at first, not having any other family living close by, but those worries quickly dissipated with the overwhelming community support.

With his health restored, Lamond takes full advantage of his time off, getting out on his dirt bike with his custom collapsible fly fishing rod to try his luck in new fishing spots as often as possible. He recommends visitors get out and explore the valleys around Clearwater, in addition to checking out Wells Gray park.

“Every side of the valley is different. It’s spectacular the way the environment changes around you. We’re at an amazing juncture here with five valleys coming into one spot.”

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