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CED Task Force – Leslie Groulx

Leslie Groulx

Leslie Groulx, a life-long Clearwater resident, is a true community connector. Groulx has been Clearwater’s Chief Administrative Officer since 2011 and Economic Development Officer since 2008. In these positions, and as a volunteer, she works to facilitate opportunity and community growth.

“I love being able to tie things together and facilitate opportunities,” said Groulx. “I know the community, and I have a lot of insight and enjoy putting people and opportunities together to build capacity.”

Groulx has worked with several developers to create growth, including the Jim Pattison Group to develop Clearwater Centre. She’s also assisted in navigating subdivision development and attracting a signature hotel.

Groulx has advocated for and worked with community stakeholders to facilitate increased access to transit services to provide better community and regional connectivity. Groulx is also working to tie the three community areas together with accessible, paved trails through her role on the local trails committee. She was involved in the adoption and implementation of an alternative transportation bylaw which received national recognition in 2013 for rural active transportation.

“We’ve built close to five kilometres of multi-use trails. We’ve also partnered with the local mountain bike club to leverage funds for expanding their bike trails,” Groulx adds.

For her next initiative, Groulx is focused on creating underground connectivity in the expansion of sewer capacity which will allow for growth into the Dutch Lake and Brookfield areas. Right now, only 210 properties in Clearwater have access to district operated sewer facilities. An additional retention basin was recently added to allow the area to support increased demand for septage because of the TransMountain construction project which will potentially see over 800 workers in the area for the project duration. The expanded water lines will service the work camp and the industrial properties within the municipality.

She shares her long-term vision is to develop Clearwater as the service centre for the North Thompson.

“The future holds a lot of potential. It just makes sense for people looking to invest to be looking here. There is, and will continue to be, a demand for services—which means nothing but opportunity,” said Groulx.

To visitors and those looking to relocate, Groulx provides a folder outlining the endless outdoor and recreational options and services.

“For a small community 125 kilometres from Kamloops we’ve got it all,” said Groulx, describing Clearwater as a friendly and open-minded community.

Website: www.districtofclearwater.com, District of Clearwater Facebook