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CED Task Force – Ron Rotzetter

Ron Rotzetter

Ron Rotzetter followed in his parents footsteps to find the Switzerland of the North Thompson in 1983. Having immigrated from central Europe in 1980, the trees and water of the Clearwater landscape felt like home.

“The ‘wow’ factor was definitely there the first time I came to Clearwater. Everything was so pristine, beautiful and clean.”

Rotzetter has spent the last 30 years helping others feel at home with his contracting company. He really enjoys being able to get to know his customers personally and building meaningful relationships in the community. His appreciation for the community led him to start an initiative he calls a “Pro-D Day” where his team gives back to local seniors.

“It’s important to take time to reflect and to appreciate the people who have built our community over the years,” said Rotzetter. “We find seniors who are in need of some help and try to help them without interfering with their lives.” In the last 12 years, his team has taken on all sorts of projects, from rebuilding sheds and pumphouses, to cleaning yards and chimneys.

“I’ve raised five kids and one of the things I taught them is when things in life feel tough and you can’t seem to get out of a rut, to go and help someone else who needs it. The result is a shift in perspective and you feel better having done something of value.”

Rotzetter also recommends the benefits of disconnecting and getting outside to enjoy the scenery and the outdoors. In his down time, he takes his own advice and takes his Harley north on the open highway and rides away from traffic and his cell phone.

“Just bring your outdoor gear and leave your computer and phone behind and go enjoy some out of service areas. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there are so many amazing things to see and do.”

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