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In February of 2013 the District of Clearwater adopted our first Official Community Plan Bylaw (OCP) which outlines a clear statement around economic sustainability which is closely linked to economic and business development.  This plan is a guiding document which sees a healthy local economy as essential for a sustainable and livable community providing the resources to allow residents and their community to prosper. The OCP envisions bringing employment and a solid tax base to support services, which will lead to healthier lifestyles and greater opportunities for personal and professional fulfillment.  This is key to a strong economy, with this the community can achieve a higher standard of development, provide more services and provide an overall higher quality of life.

Overall, the District’s vision recognizes the interrelated spheres of the local economy, including the business market (private and public companies, investments and trading), and the social economy (social enterprises, community-based entrepreneurship, social capital and investment) links them to key objectives and includes:

a)     Working towards a healthy, vibrant and diverse economy.

b)     Supporting of three functioning and interconnected downtown cores.

c)     Encouraging the creation of value added, eco-tourism ventures.

d)     Encouraging the creation of green energy.

e)     Encouraging the creation of a vibrant and diverse local economy that provides meaningful year-round employment and services and expands a solid tax base to enable residents to enjoy an overall higher quality of life.

f)      Promoting a wide variety of sizes, scales, and types of businesses, which offer greater opportunities for personal and professional fulfillment that in turn contributes to the overall health of the community.

g)      Supporting the development of a rich sustainable resource sector and retail and business sector in our area.