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Why Do I Need a Business Licence?
Business Licensing and Regulation Bylaw No. 124 (posted on District’s website), which will come into force on January 1, 2017, will require all businesses operating within the District of Clearwater to have a valid Business Licence.
Bylaw No. 124 ensures that public health and safety regulations are addressed by businesses where the public has access, and ensures the business is located within the correct zoning classification.  In addition, if you want to operate a business from your home, within the District of Clearwater, you must obtain a Business Licence (see attached Business Licence application form).
The District’s new Zoning Bylaw No. 133, Section 5.18, sets out Guidelines for Home Based businesses as an accessory use.  (see attached Section 5.18 from Zoning Bylaw No. 133 re:  Home Based Businesses).

What Does A Business Licence Cost?
Business Licence fees are based on the type of business activity – see Schedule A of Bylaw No. 124 for individual Business Licence fees.  All initial Business Licence fees are due by January 31st, 2017.  Any payments received after that date are subject to a late payment fee of $25.
If you obtain a Business Licence after July 31st in any year, you pay only 50% of the Licence fee for that year.  If your business is open (seasonal) only between April 1 and October 31st in any year, you pay 75% of the Licence fee for that category of business.  If more than one business is operated from the same civic address and by the same business owner, you pay 75% for each business identified in Categories 1 (Service), 6 (Liquor Outlets), 7 (Lodging), or 12 (Professional Office) – See Schedule A of Bylaw No. 124 (attached).

Do I Need Any Permits?
Prior to making any major renovations at your business premises, inquire if a Building Permit is required by contacting Adam Bux, Building Inspector at 1-877-377-8673 (Kamloops).
If your business is food-related, you will require Interior Health approval to operate a food service establishment (B&B’s are exempt from this requirement).  An Operating Permit from IHA must accompany your business licence application – Contact IHA via email:

Or call:  1-250-851-7340 for the Public Health Protection Branch of IHA (Kamloops).

Bylaw No. 124 does NOT apply to:

  • A society registered in British Columbia or Canada or a registered charitable organization that does not operate a retail or other commercial business on a regular basis;
  • Occasional fundraising activities held by educational organizations, churches, sports teams, societies or other non-profit organizations;
  • Rental of a single family or duplex where the rental agreement is subject to the Residential Tenancy Act;
  • Farm business as defined in the Farm Practices Protection (Right to Farm) Act;
  • An activity carried on by or on behalf of the Provincial or Federal Government or a corporation or agency of the government;
  • Garage or yard sales held less than four (4) days per year.

Find here the Business Licence Application and Schedule of Business Licence Fees. To view the bylaw, please click here.

If you have further questions, please contact G. Louise Payne, Business Licence Clerk, at the District of Clearwater: 250-674-2257 or via Email: