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agricultureAgriculture is an important component of the local economy; there is a rich history of ecologically diverse and healthy living since the first peoples arrived over 10,000 years ago, to modern day farmers who have homesteaded, raised families, and worked in the valley since the mid 1800’s. Agriculture in the region has traditionally been livestock operations of beef and sheep, predominately beef, with alfalfa and hay crops providing a value added component to the beef operation. Beef production continues to be the primary agricultural activity in the region.The diverse climate of the region supports major crops like alfalfa, hay, and most vegetables. Local crop production is consumed partially by the weekly Farmers Market during the months of May to October. A local group of non-profit working volunteers (Food Action North Thompson) help improve food security in the North Thompson Valley by strengthening our local food system through communication, education, and by championing local food security initiatives.