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Tree Falling, Ernie Wallin, June 1959Since the early 1900’s the area has been a forestry based economy, growing to accommodate three major mills in the early 1970’s,more recently down sizing to one major licensee in the area and smaller value added manufacturers. British Columbia is the largest producer of forest products in Canada and the North Thompson has been a significant contributor to the production of conventional lumber.

Forestry and value added wood are still one of the major economic sectors in Clearwater. Through a strong trained labour pool of forestry professionals, technicians, contract loggers, truckers and silviculture workers, forestry continues to support employment in the area.

The number of value-added wood products manufactured in Clearwater and more specifically in Well Gray Country ranges from veneer products, housing products, wood crafters and more. Custom cut lumber is available at various specialty mills. There are several woodlot licences and the Wells Gray Community Forest within and adjacent to the District boundaries which provide for opportunities to grow value added and green energy components of forestry.