Clearwater Village Road is up for a facelift

Stefanie Poisson
Changes to road markings and traffic pattern will start end of May

Coming soon the road markings on Clearwater Village Road between Highway 5 and Murtle Road are changing from three lanes to two plus one multi-use path. The current passing lane is turning into a regular lane leading to the highway with the hillside lane next to it becoming the multi-use path. The path can be used to walk and run as well as by bikes and scooters and is separated from the road by one meter wide white paint lines.
This part of Clearwater Village Road is heavily used by non-motorized traffic and needs an upgrade to make it safe.
This change was recommended by the Trail Task Force Committee which was established in 2014 in the effort to work with the District of Clearwater Council to make traveling by car, foot or bike within town safe and to connect the different parts of Clearwater efficiently.
Have a look at the new road configuration. For questions please call Mike Smith, Fleet & Equipment and Roads Manager at the District of Clearwater at 250.674.2257 or email



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