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The Corporate Administrator (CA) of the District of Clearwater is assigned the responsibility of corporate administration, which includes the following powers, duties and functions:

  • ensuring that accurate minutes of the meetings of the council and council committees are prepared and that the minutes, bylaws and other records of the business of the council and council committees are maintained and kept safe;
  • ensuring that access is provided to records of the council and council committees, as required by law or
  • authorized by the council;
  • administering oaths and taking affirmations, affidavits and declarations required to be taken under this Act or any other Act relating to municipalities;
  • certifying copies of bylaws and other documents, as required or requested;
  • accepting, on behalf of the council or municipality, notices and documents that are required or permitted to be given to, served on, filed with or otherwise provided to the council or municipality;
  • keeping the corporate seal, if any, and having it affixed to documents as required.

Also works in the capacity of the Economic Development Officer.

Corporate Administrator (works in capacity of CAO and Economic Development )
Leslie Groulx