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The District of Clearwater Administration Office is open 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

Administration Office

PO Box 157
209 Dutch Lake Road
Clearwater, BC V0E 1N0
Telephone: 250-674-2257
Fax: 250-674-2173

Economic Development Officer

Leslie Groulx

Chief Administrative Officer

Leslie Groulx

Corporate Administrator

Leslie Groulx

Director of Finance

Roxanne Shepherd

Community Parks / Facilities Manager & Safety Officer

Roger Mayer

Manager of Roads, Fleet & Equipment

Mike Smith

Manager of Water / Sewer

Leslie Groulx

Deputy Clerk

Mira Malkowski

Administrative Assistant

Stefanie Poisson

Accounts Payable

Andrea Lever

Tax/ Utilities/ Accounts Receivable/ Payroll Clerk

Tammy Rutsatz

MV/ ICBC Coordinator

Lisa Jensen

MV/ ICBC Clerk

Louise Richardson

Other Local Contacts

After-hours emergency: 250-674-3015
Fire Hall – Non-Emergency call: 250-674-3733 or 250-674-2257
Fire Hall – Emergency call: 911
ICBC / Motor Vehicle Office: 250-674-2257