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Council Highlights May 1, 2018

May 4, 2018

Council highlights provide a summary of key decisions made by Council during regularly scheduled meetings. Complete agenda packages and meeting minutes can be found on our website.



  • The District’s F250 Vehicle has reached is expected life and is to be cycled out of the fleet, Council approved the purchase a 2018 Ford F150; Council authorized the borrowing of $37,424.80 through the Municipal Finance Authority for up to five years with no right of renewal as per section 175 of the Community Charter.


  • Community members have been requesting the ability to put memorial benches or plant trees in community parks or along District trails. Council has directed staff to draft a Memorial Bench Dedication Policy for review to facilitate the dedication of public benches as memorial features.


  • The District owns and operates recreation facilities that are rented by user groups in the community namely – North Thompson Sportsplex and the Capostinsky Ball Park. Council passed a resolution to keep the current Fee Schedules for both the North Thompson Sportsplex and Capostinsky Ball Park the same as 2017 rates.


  • Every four years the Fire Department appoints / reappoints Officers to the Clearwater

Volunteer Fire Department, Council approved the following for a four year term:

o  Dan Daase – Reappointed as Captain for four-year term (2018-2022)

o  Jan Westendorp •–Reappointed as Safety Officer for four-year term (2018-


o  Chance Breckenridge – Appointed as Captain for four-year term (2018-2022)

o  Jill Watson – Appointed as 2nd Safety Officer for four-year term (2018-2022)


  • The District and the Thompson Nicola Regional District have both provided Gas Tax funds towards the construction and installation of the Bioenergy plant at the North Thompson Sportsplex, and agreement is now in place and Council approved the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer as signatories for TNRD Contract No. 2018-

081 – Community Works Fund Agreement (Federal Gas Tax Fund).


  • Council approved the issuance of a Development Variance Permit No. DVP-10-03 for

624 Kennedy Road (Lot B, District Lot 4096, KDYD, Plan 41441).


  • Council approved final reading of the District’s Traffic and Use of Highways Bylaw No.

160, 2017. This bylaw is intended to put in place regulations pertaining to our roads.


  • With the adoption of the Highway Bylaw where the District will now collect a fee for permit applications the District’s fees and charges bylaw required an amendment.

The District of Clearwater Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 185 to amend Bylaw No. 109,

2013 was introduced and read three times.






The next Regular Council meeting is scheduled to be held

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018.