Development Permits

A Development Permit initiates an opportunity to review proposed developments to ensure that they comply with the policies and objectives of the Official Community Plan (OCP), including design and environmental guidelines. A Development Permit may be required when the Official Community Plan designates an area for one, or more, of the following purposes:


  1. Environmental - Protection of the natural environment, its ecosystems and biological diversity.
  2. Hazard - Protection from development in hazardous conditions.
  3. Form and Character - Establishment of objectives for the form and character of commercial, industrial or multifamily and intensive residential development.


Form and Character Development Permits are required for new construction and additions to Multi-Family, Commercial, Industrial, and institutional development, except where exempted by the OCP. Development Permits may also be required for any subdivision or development where land is within an Environmental or Hazard Development Permit Area.


A Development Variance Application may be applied for in order to vary a development bylaw (e.g. Zoning Bylaw, Subdivision Bylaw). A Development Variance Permit cannot vary the use or density of land. In these cases a Rezoning would be required.


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