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District of Clearwater and MV/ ICBC offices: Services still available while the offices are closed to the public

As of March 23, 2020, the District of Clearwater ICBC/ MV offices are closed to the public.

Driver’s Licence Renewals are available by appointment only.

The following ICBC transaction are still available to be processed via email and phone:

  • Insurance Policy Renewal
  • Policy Changes
  • Policy Cancellations
  • Storage Policy
  • Temporary Operating Permits

Transactions will be initiated by phone and issued through email during normal business hours. Staff can accept payment by credit card or customer may continue a payment plan already in place.

We are currently unable to offer the issuance new plates, transfer of ownership, out of province vehicle registrations and new enrollment into a payment plan.

If you require any of the above transactions, please contact our office by calling 250-674-2257 (leave a message) or emailing icbc@docbc.ca to setup the process for transaction to take place.  Our staff will walk you through what is necessary. Please note: Appointments are only available on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Drivers Licence Renewals:

Please call our office to make an appointment to renew OR call 1-800-950-1498 to have your drivers licence extended. You will be mailed a temporary Drivers Licence, valid for 90 days.

Other District services:

The following services will remain operational either by email or phone contact:

  • Fire Rescue
  • Bylaw Services
  • Burning Permit issuance
  • Parks, Trails
  • Building Permit and Inspection Services
  • Business Licensing Services
  • Planning Services
  • Transportation (transit buses)
  • Road maintenance, water, and sewer utilities, septage receiving disposal
  • Financial services (utility payments, business licence renewals, etc.)

To contact individual departments via email, please check here. For updates, follow our website or Facebook page.