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Federal Funding Supports Asset Management in Clearwater

March 9, 2018

District’s application for $65,000 to fund the development of and Asset Management Investment Plan for Water and Sanitary systems through the Federal Gas Tax Fund program was successful.

John Harwood, Mayor, District of Clearwater
“Asset Management has been a priority for the District of Clearwater for the past few years. To date we have been successful in completing and adopting an Asset Management Strategy and Policy and in 2017, we successfully completed a Criticality and Risk Assessment of our buried linear infrastructure (water and sewer). The new funds under the Gas Tax Strategic Priorities will allow the District to go one step further to implement an Asset Management Investment Management Plan.”

“Improvements to local infrastructure are so important. They make our communities better places to live,” said Selina Robinson, B.C. Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “We are pleased to partner with local governments and the federal government to improve the daily lives of British Columbians.”

Director Wendy Booth, President, Union of BC Municipalities
“Communities across BC are looking for funding to replace, upgrade and expand local infrastructure. The federal Gas Tax Fund is accelerating the pace of infrastructure renewal through the transfer of close to $3 billion since 2005 for projects in our province. I appreciate the Government of Canada’s long-term commitment to fund priorities identified by BC local governments.”

The District will get this project underway in the next few months.

– Mayor John Harwood


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