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Help shape Clearwater’s future

The District of Clearwater is starting the process of developing a community economic development strategy (plan) to move forward in a sustainable way to diversify the economy of Clearwater. We are interested to learn about your vision for the community and what your personal plans maybe for the future. The process involving the community is an important part of the District of Clearwater’s Economic Development Strategy and will help form strategic direction, goals and priorities. You may remember participating in a survey early in 2019 with similar guidelines; this survey is the next step.

With the closure of Canfor and the downturn in the forest industry the District worked in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction to provide funding for the District in developing a Community Economic Development/ Community Transition Strategy taking into consideration the labour market challenges that face diversifying our local economy. The grant was approved in February, with a completion date of September 30th, 2020 at which time the final report will be available to the public.

The survey completed in January 2019 is an excellent baseline for the next step.  As part of that development of the Community Economic Development/ Community Transition Strategy we encourage you to participate in the survey that also includes a questions on the impacts of COVID-19. We are exploring the impacts to your employment and financial situation as result of COVID-19.

Your response is confidential. Please strive to answer all the questions.  There is a bonus: If you are interested and are okay with providing your name and contact information, you will be included in a draw for one of three $100 gift cards to a local business your choice. Thank you for your participation. With your input, you will help us shape this community into a successful future. We have paper copies of the survey available at the office, please return to our office as well.

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