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Municipal Hall is where the primary tasks of running municipal government are carried out.  The Municipality is committed to ensuring that citizens receive excellent customer service and the staff is committed to service excellence.

  • The Elected Council for the District of Clearwater is comprised of a Mayor and six Councillors.  Under the Province of British Columbia’s Community Charter the Council has the authority to set budgets, levy taxes, and establish Bylaws and policies to guide the growth, development and operations of the District for the benefit and protection of its citizens.  The powers of Mayor and Council are exercised through the adoption of resolutions or enacting bylaws at regularly scheduled Council meetings.
  • Regular Open Council meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of each month except July and August when there is only one meeting each month.  Meetings are held at 2:00pm in the Council Chambers at 209 Dutch Lake Road.   Committee of the Whole meetings are held preceding Regular Council meetings at 1:00pm, these committees comprise  Economic Development, Finance and Audit, Infrastructure and Parks and Recreation.
  • Elected in November 2014, the Council will serve until November 2018 (a four year term).
  • It is the Mayor’s duty to chair meetings of Council, hold ex-officio membership in all Council Committees and all bodies to which Council has the right to appoint members. The rules governing the conduct of the meetings are outlined in the Community Charter, Council’s Procedure Bylaw and Robert’s Rules of Order.