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Open fires will be permitted Effective Noon September 15th

Please download the following notice in regards to open fires being permitted in the District of Clearwater.

2014 Clearwater Canoe Regatta

The 2014 Clearwater Canoe Regatta will be taking place on Friday September 12th and Saturday September 13th. Please download the following poster for more information. If you are interested in participating please registration and liability forms.

District of Clearwater Hires a New Public Works Superintendent

Please download the following document for more information on the hiring of a new Public Works Superintendent.

Dutch Lake Community Centre Press Release

Please download the following PDF Document for more information on the Dutch Lake Community Centre Press Release.

District of Clearwater 2014 General Local Elections NOTICE OF NOMINATION

Please download the following information on the Notice of Nomination for the the 2014 District of Clearwater local Election.

2014 District of Clearwater Municipal Election

When is the next election?
The next BC General Local Election for local government will be Saturday, November 15th, 2014 from 8:00am-8:00pm. The District of Clearwater voters will have the opportunity to elect a Mayor and 6 Councillors.


Do I qualify to vote?
You may vote in a BC local election as a resident elector if you:

  • are a Canadian citizen
  • are 18 years of age or more on general voting day
  • have lived in BC for at least 6 months before you register to vote
  • have lived in the District of Clearwater for 30 days or more before you register to vote
  • Not sure if you're registered to vote? Learn more here.


Is there a pre-established voters list?
As authorized under section 54 of the Local Government Act, electors who wish to vote are required to register at the time of the voting, in other words the District will be doing Voting Day Registration only.


What identification do I need to register at the polling station on Voting Day?
You must provide at least 'two' of the documents listed below to provide evidence of your identity and place of residence. At least one of the documents must include your signature. You must be prepared to sign a declaration as to your place of residence.

Provide two of the following to register to vote:

  • BC Driver's License
  • BC Identification Card issued by the BC Motor Vehicles Branch
  • Owner's certificate of insurance and Vehicle License issued by ICBC
  • BC CareCard of Gold CareCard
  • Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security Request for Continued Assistance Form (SDES8)
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Valid Canadian Passport
  • Current Property Tax Notice
  • Credit Card
  • Utility Bill


I own property in the District of Clearwater but do not live in Clearwater can I vote?

As a non-resident property owner – you own property in one place but live in another – you have the right to vote both where you live and where you own property.
You may vote in a BC local election as a non-resident property elector if you:

  • are not a resident in that community
  • are a Canadian citizen
  • are 18 years of age or more on general voting day
  • have lived in BC for at least 6 months before you register to vote

Non-resident property electors can register in advance at City Hall or bring their land title certificate to either an advance poll or an election day poll. Non-resident property electors must submit a Non-Resident Property Elector Consent Form if more than one person is registered on the property's land title.



Bylaw No. 123, 2014
A Bylaw to provide the determination of the procedure for the conduct of local government elections and other voting
Date 2014-09-09 Filesize 2.3 MB Download 26
District of Clearwater Nomination Information Guide
Date 2014-09-08 Filesize 0 B Download 30
Candidate Information Release Authorization
Date 2014-08-25 Filesize 107.39 KB Download 53
Fillable Candidate Nomination Package
Date 2014-08-25 Filesize 297.16 KB Download 59

Camp Fires are allowed but Open Burning is Prohibited

Please be advised that open burning is prohibited within the District of Clearwater. No large bon fires, commercial or brush piles allowed.


Campfires are allowed but must be less than 50cm by 50cm in size. Please be mindful of the high fire hazard.

District of Clearwater Annual Report 2013

Please download the following document for more information on the 2013 District of Clearwater Annual Report.


District of Clearwater 2013 Annual Report
Date 2014-07-17 Filesize 13.73 MB Download 136


The District of Clearwater has a new look complete with many new smooth surfaces and the addition of bike lanes / walking lanes has been well received.  The contractor is working hard to get the work done in a timely manner.  In the past month, over 12 km of paved overlay has been completed. 


In addition to positive feedback, a common question received at the DOC is “why did my road not get paved when it is one of the worst?”  The short answer is that with over 84 km of roads, there really isn’t enough funding at this point to address everything that has “need”.   It was decided to stretch the dollars for the widest impact to the community.  Council will continue to look at funding options and grants for future roads within the District. 


The road choices were based on an audit that was initiated by the District prior to taking over the responsibility of the roads.  During the audit roads were classified into category by condition and costs were associated with each category.  The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure agreed to complete pavement overlay to a maximum dollar amount for the District.  To capitalize on the dollar value, roads that required the LEAST preparation for resurfacing and would have an extended life of upwards of 10 years were addressed.  As many people will note, Robson Street was not done and this is an example of a road that requires in excess of a hundred thousand dollars before it could be resurfaced. 


The roads project was made possible by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure through a contract they managed with Emil Anderson Construction.  The Contractor is now in the process of doing the shoulder work (0.5m gravel shoulder) for all paving work within the community.  This will be complete in the next couple of weeks, and includes the transitions between old and new pavement with regards to driveways and approaches. 


All further questions can be directed to the District of Clearwater and the public is welcome at any time to look over the details of the Infrastructure Master Plan.  We look forward to serving the citizens of Clearwater in the new Dutch Lake offices starting Monday July 22nd!

Learn to Fish Program in Wells Gray Park

Please download the following flyer for more information on the upcoming Learn to Fish Programs being held in Wells Gray Park.

Download this file (Wells Gray.pdf)Wells Gray.pdf

Summer Recreation Programs

Please download the following posters for more information in Summer Recreation Programs in the District of Clearwater.