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Home Owners Grant

The Home Owner Grant is a grant provided by the Province of BC to qualified property owners who occupy their residential property as their principal residence. It is the responsibility of the home owner to claim their grant each year before the tax due date. You should apply before the tax due date even if you are not paying your taxes . The Home Owner Grant Application is available on the bottom portion of your current Property Tax Notice. There are two categories of grants:

The Basic Grant

The Basic Grant may reduce your taxes up to $770.

You may qualify for the Basic Home Owner Grant if:

  • You are the registered owner, and
  • You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and ordinarily reside in British Columbia, and
  • You occupy the property as your principal residence.
  • You and your spouse together may qualify for only one grant on one residence in British Columbia in any one calendar year even if you live in separate residences (unless you are legally separated).

The Additional Grant

The Additional Grant may reduce your taxes up to $1,045.

You may qualify for the Additional Home Owner Grant if:

  • You are 65 or older during the calendar year. (If the home is jointly owned, only one owner must be 65 to qualify for the additional grant. The qualifying owner’s date of birth and signature must appear on the grant application); or
  • A veteran, or the spouse or widow/widower of a veteran receiving an allowance under the War Veterans Allowance Act (Canada) or the Civilian War-related Benefits Act. Veterans must attach documentary proof (eg: a letter or a veterans allowance cheque stub) from Veterans Affairs Canada to the homeowner grant application. Surviving spouses of deceased veterans who received either allowance at the time of their spouse’s death also qualify for the additional grant; or
  • A person with disabilities receiving a Level 2 Disability Allowance under the BC Disability Benefits Program Act. You must provide the required Consent for Release of Information form signed by yourself and the Ministry of Human Resource representative, verifying that you are receiving these benefits; or
    A person with disabilities who does not receive a disability allowance under the BC Disability Benefits Program Act, or a property owner with a disabled spouse or relative residing permanently with you. To be eligible, a Certificate of Physician and Property Owner completed and signed by the disabled person’s physician and the property owner must be attached to the home owner grant application in the year that you first request the additional grant. This medical form must indicate that the disability is permanent and requires extensive physical assistance costing more than $150 per month, or that structural modifications costing more than $2,000 have been made to the home in order to manage daily functioning by the person with disabilities. Physicians do not approve the additional grant; however, they provide information that collectors use to determine eligibility.

Note: Being a recipient of the Canada Pension Plan disability benefits does not qualify you for the additional grant.

Property Taxes Paid by a Mortgagor

If you are eligible for the Home Owner Grant, you must advise your Mortgagor of the grant that you qualify for. This grant must be claimed each year that you are eligible, and cannot be signed by your Mortgagor.

Property tax over payments can occur as a result of both the property owner and mortgagor paying the property taxes. Conversely, property tax underpayments and consequently penalties arise as a result of the property owner believing that the ‘Mortgagor (bank) will take care of it all’. The Mortgagor cannot claim the Home Owner Grant – it is your responsibility, if eligible, to claim the grant on or before the tax due date, to avoid a 10% penalty on the unclaimed grant portion of your property taxes. For more information, click here.

Homeowner Grant Administration Branch

Ministry of Provincial Revenue
PO Box 9991 Stn Prov Govt
1061 Fort Street
Victoria, BC V8W 9R7
Telephone: 250-365-8166 or 250-387-8166

How to Claim the Home Owner Grant

Claiming Online

To claim your eHOG you need:

  • Your Roll number
  • Your eHOG Password (Passwords are case sensitive)

Both of these can be found on the front of your 2016 Property Tax notice.

Electronically claimed Home Owner Grants are received immediately. Please note that all claims are subject to review. Only the qualified owner can be the applicant. For full details for eligibility click here.

Does your grant claim require additional documents? Submit them electronically in your grant application. We accept the following document formats: pdf, jpg, jpeg.

After claiming the HOG on-line please ensure that you see a screen stating that your application has been submitted and that you can print the confirmation page for your records. If you are unsure as to whether it was processed properly please contact the District Office at 250-674-2257 during business hours Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. This service is only available from late May until December 31st of each year.

We encourage taxpayers to claim their Home owner grants online to avoid line ups and to eliminate the possibility of forgetting to claim your home owner grant.

Claiming in Person

Your Home Owner Grant application is located on the back of your Property Tax Notice. If eligible, please complete the application fully and deliver to the Municipal Hall located at 209 Dutch Lake Road, Clearwater, BC.

Claiming by Mail

Please allow for sufficient delivery time. postmarks or courier dispatch dates WILL NOT be accepted as payment dates. If eligible, please complete the application fully and mail to District of Clearwater, PO Box 157, Clearwater, BC, V0E 1N0, or courier to 209 Dutch Lake Road, Clearwater, BC V0E 1N2.

If eligible, to avoid penalty for late payment of the grant portion of your property taxes, you must apply for a grant on or before the tax due date (usually the first business day after July 1st). You may apply before the tax due date. If the grant is not claimed prior to the due date, you will be levied a penalty on the total property tax amount outstanding of which your unclaimed grant is a part of. Homeowner Grant Application Forms are located on the bottom portion of the tax notice. Properly completed Home Owner Grant applications must be received by 4:30pm on the tax due date, without exception.