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Road Maintenance Information

November 7, 2018

Road Maintenance:
The District will be providing road maintenance services in conjunction with Borrow Enterprises Ltd.
The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will remain responsible for the Yellowhead Highway 5
and Clearwater Valley Road, maintained by Argo Road Maintenance Ltd.
       Based on the service area you are calling from please reference the following phone numbers:

Service Area                                               Contractor                                                    Phone
       District of Clearwater                                  Borrow Enterprises Ltd.                                 250.674.8776
Municipal Roads

Yellowhead Highway 5,                              Argo Road Maintenance Ltd.                1.800.661.2025
Clearwater Valley Road

Dunn Lake Road                                         Argo Road Maintenance Ltd.                1.800.661.2025

Candle Creek Road                                    Borrow Enterprises Ltd.                                 250.674.8776


Please avoid “on street” parking during snow events to allow the District’s road maintenance contractor to
more effectively remove/relocate snow.