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Grocery Shopping and COVID-19

The messaging from Health Professionals is clear: STAY HOME. If you need to venture out to stock up on essential supplies, please follow these suggestion to keep yourself and fellow citizens save:

• Shop by yourself, leave your family at home
• Do not come into the store if you are sick (fever, sore throat, cough), inquire about delivery service
• If you carry hand sanitizer: clean your hands before entering and after leaving the store
• Do not panic buy
• Keep at least 6 feet distance to others at all times
• Do not shake hands or hug or otherwise touch people
• Cough/ sneeze into your sleeve
• Only touch items you intend to buy
• Wash your hands for at least 20 sec while in the store
• Don’t chat, keep your stay short, grab your groceries and leave the store
• Bag your purchases yourself
• When lining up for check out, keep distance to the person in front of you
• Pay contactless, avoid paying cash

Delivery available

This list was compiled by the Clearwater & District Chamber of Commerce and is subject to change. For more information, follow the Chamber on Facebook or check the Clearwater Times. If you want your business added to this list PLEASE CONTACT US at admin@docbc.ca or 250-674-2257.

•Buy-Low: deliveries for over $50 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Accepting credit card payments. 250-674-2213

•Pharmasave: delivery to self-quarantined citizens -rules apply for prescriptions, electronic pay accepted. 250-674-0058

•Home Hardware: delivery of over and above their normal building material deliveries to self-quarantined citizen, 250-674-3717 for payment and delivery arrangements

•Rona North Valley Supply: delivery of over and above their normal building material deliveries to self-quarantined citizen, 250-674-3386 for payment and delivery arrangements

•Double R Pizza: delivers, accepts credit and debit, 250-674-2663

•Pioneer Fresh Foods: no minimum amount for delivery, a small delivery fee for orders under $20, electronic payments, 250-674-1133

•Wells Gray Inn:food and drink (with suitable ID) delivery, accepts electronic payments (credit, debit or etransfer), 250-674-2214

•Peter Bradstock IT, Networking and Technology: computer services, supplies and repairs, including remote support. Electronic payments accepted, 250-320-0060

•K&A Gateway Grill: food delivery within reasonable distance, call 250-674-8758

•Rooted by the River: will deliver for spring planting, or flower pots, call 250-674-4089