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Celebrating Local Government Awareness Week

We are celebrating Local Government Awareness Week from May 17-23, 2021. This annual initiative is aimed at building public awareness of local government roles and encouraging participation in local government processes. Visit our website or Facebook page daily to learn a bit more about your local government and how we conduct business.

“What is Council’s role?”

Each municipal Council in B.C. consists of a Mayor and Councillors, collectively called council members. Council is elected by the people to make decisions for the municipality about services, bylaws, policies and programs. Council may delegate certain powers, duties or functions to the head of Council, a Council committee, the Chief Administrative Officer or another designated officer for the municipality. Your local Council consists of Mayor Merlin Blackwell, Councillor Barry Banford, Councillor Bill Haring, Councillor Lynne Frizzle, Councillor Lyle MacKenzie, Councillor Shelley Sim and Councillor Lucy Taylor. Council was elected in 2018 and the next municipal election will take place in October 2022.

Tomorrow’s topic: “What services does your local government the District of Clearwater provide?”.