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Are you a good neighbour?

The “Good Neighbour Bylaw” (Bylaw No. 56, 2010) was put in place to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the District of Clearwater. It outlines the responsibilities of a property owner and the process in which to remediate an unsightly property.

Being a good neighbor means to keep your property clean and free of garbage and debris, dead landscaping, construction waste, derelict vehicles and other items that make it unsightly and a risk to public health and safety.

If a complaint is made to the District of Clearwater, the Bylaw Enforcement Officer will contact the property owner and may issue ticket (fine) and provide instructions to remedy the unsightly nature. Further actions can be taken if the deadline passes without any effort from the property owner to remediate the property.

A complaint must be submitted on a written and signed document addressed to the District of Clearwater. Bylaw Complaint Forms are available here as well as at the office. The full bylaw is available here. The complainants name is kept confidential.

Unsightly properties are not only seen as an annoyance by your neighbours but are an attractant to rodents, create a fire hazard and even worse, may prevent emergency services access to your property when needed.

Please note that ultimately the property owner is responsible to maintain their property, even if it is rented out.