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Business Walk

The District of Clearwater is organizing a Business Walk to connect and create conversations between the District and business owners. A Business Walk creates a better understanding of what’s working and what opportunities exist to improve the support of local businesses, helping to stimulate the economy and foster a prosperous business climate.

Ideally, a Business Walk is done regularly (i.e., annually) to set up and strengthen relationships and pinpoint patterns over time.

Business Walk programs help to:

  • Understand potential issues and opportunities in the existing business community
  • Build effective relationships between local businesses and decision makers
  • Increase awareness of the programs and services offered by the community or local government
  • Track the state of local businesses over time
  • Provide access to information to help local businesses expand and grow

If you are a business in Clearwater or surrounding area, we would like to hear from you. Annually we will be conducting a Business Walk Survey where we will be asking questions about how the past year has gone, what the future holds and what assistance you may need.

This year will be the foundation survey that we compare future years against. We are asking for your business name so we can make sure that all participants receive copies of the final report. Publicly all information will only be provided in aggregate form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Economic Development Officer, Wylie Bystedt, at edo@docbc.ca

The survey will only be available until Saturday, Oct. 29.

Here is your survey link:


“We know that even with our volunteers and best efforts there will be businesses that we will not be able to survey on October 19 – businesses that require appointments to be booked or businesses that reside in more geographically spread out areas,” reports District of Clearwater EDO, Wylie Bystedt.

“We want to hear from all our businesses, so we are hoping they will call to book an appointment for us to conduct the survey, or will be willing to spend a few minutes to answer our questions by phone. At the end of the day, Business Walks are about developing relationships to our local businesses, and that means all businesses that operate in the District.”

Business Walks in other municipalities have resulted in a variety of business-friendly programs and we look forward to seeing what businesses in Clearwater need to thrive.

2022 Clearwater Business Walk Report

Once the Business Walk is completed, the data gathered will be reviewed and a report made. The end results will be posted here for public viewing.