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Celebrating Local Government Awareness Week

We are celebrating Local Government Awareness Week from May 17-23, 2021. This annual initiative is aimed at building public awareness of local government roles and encouraging participation in local government processes. Visit our website or Facebook page daily to learn a bit more about your local government and how we conduct business.

“What is local government?”

Canada has three main levels of government: federal, provincial and municipal. In Clearwater this level of government is a district (a municipality) and is responsible for areas such as parks, community potable water and sanitary sewer system, roadways, cemetery, fire protection, North Thompson Sportsplex, Transit, recreations, community parks and more.

Local governments receive authority for these services from the provincial governments and is bound to the Community Charter which provides the statutory framework for all municipalities in B.C. The Community Charter sets out municipalities’ core areas of authority and defines the powers, structures, privileges, rights and duties and sets forth any limitations.

Tomorrow’s topic: “What is Council’s role?”.