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2024-05-28 – A new bid opportunity for the District of Clearwater has been posted to the BC Bid website. For more information or to bid on the project, visit https://bcbid.gov.bc.ca/…/process_manage_extranet/199093
The District of Clearwater requires Road Maintenance services to be provided Winter and Summer as outlined in the RFP Documents.

The required services are as specifically set out in Section 6 Scope of Work and generally includes the following as applicable:
• Winter/Summer – Year-Round Road Condition Inspections.
• Winter Routine Maintenance – Snow/Ice Removal and Control etc.
• Summer Routine Maintenance – Road Grading, Mowing etc.
• Summer – Develop Road Maintenance Strategies

Further details as to the scope of this opportunity and the requirements can be found within the RFP.