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Community Economic Development Task Force meets for the first time

The District of Clearwater’s newly formed Community Economic Development Task Force (CEDTF) had their first meeting on April 14, 2020 – respecting physical distances the meeting was held virtually.

Economic Development is a key focus in the District’s Strategic Plan. An identified action to initiate a community business advisory group through establishing a Task Force for a 1-year trial, to meet on a quarterly basis.

The recruitment process was completed after Council adopted the Terms of Reference for the Community Economic Development Task Force during the Regular Meeting of Council on March 3, 2020.  The CEDTF will provide advice and feedback to Council on community economic development strategic planning initiatives, be proactive by informing the process of drafting the community economic development strategy.  With identified goals and objectives as follows:

  1. To determine how to enhance community economic development and identify new opportunities that would grow business within the North Thompson Valley including homebased business and the tele-workers sector,
  2. To determine actions for retaining and enhancing our local business community,
  3. To identify strategies that would attract new business and workers that would grow the local economy,
  4. To collaborate with local business through a strategic planning session with input being provided to develop strategic direction intended to influence the District of Clearwater’s Community Economic Development Plan for short- and long-term planning,
  5. To provide a tabletop environment that fosters innovative dialogue, creative conversation that looks to diversify the opportunities for business, work and prosperity within the District of Clearwater,
  6. To participate in community visioning and planning workshops facilitated by Community Economic Development consulting team.

This task force is comprised of:
Florence Amundson, Mystic Dreams – Retail/Commercial
AJ Bachhal, Clearwater Lodge/Best Western, Business at large
Doug Borrow, Borrow Enterprise, business at large
Sam Charvet, Riverside Adventures, Tourism Sector
Hugh Graffunder, Upper North Thompson Livestock Association, Agriculture Sector
Jon Kreke, Dutch Lake Resort, Business at large
Jeff Lamond, Rooted by the River, Business at Large
Kris Olson, Wild Flour Café and Bakery, Business at Large
Ron Rotzetter, On Call Construction, Business at Large
Lorne Selbee, Wells Gray Home Hardware, Business at Large
Hans Wadlegger, Wadlegger Construction, Forest Sector
Ron Lampreau, Councillor Simpcw First Nation
Nikki Vincent, Yellowhead Community Services

Mayor Blackwell and Leslie Groulx, Chief Administrative Officer are ex-officio nonvoting members.

Committee will also seek input and support from the following groups or agencies as part of the community engagement process:

  • Thompson Nicola Regional District
  • Community Futures – Thompson Country
  • Clearwater and District Chamber of Commerce
  • Tourism Wells Gray
  • Ministry of Forest, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development
  • Education Community
  • Medical Community
  • Forestry Working Group – a working committee of DOC with representatives from licencees, Community Forest, CoC, TNRD, etc.