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Council Highlights July 14, 2020

Council highlights provide a summary of key decisions made by Council during regularly scheduled meetings. Complete agenda packages and meeting minutes can be found here.

• Council directed Administration to develop an outline to host a Summer Camp for youth to run the week of August 31st to September 3, 2020.
• Council voted in favour that $250,000 from the Wells Gray Community Forest Commission funds be set aside for the Trails Task Force as leveraging funds. The Wells Gray Community Forest will be briefed on the projects being funded. In addition, Council approved that $150,000 be transferred from the Wells Gray Community Forest Commission funds on an annual basis to the Wells Gray Community Forest Society for the purposes of continuing the Spring and Fall Community Granting program which serves the purposes of promoting the economic and social welfare of the residents of Clearwater and Electoral Area A (TNRD). All funds under the Community Forest Commission are directed to the Commission from the Community Forest Corporation.
• Council ratified the distribution of the Ted Richardson Bursary ($2,000 be split to 2 $1,000 bursaries) be awarded to Ryley Griffin and Jasmine Carr for $1,000 each. The bursaries will be awarded when proof of enrollment in their programs is provided.
• Council directed Administration to request an extension with respect to LL-20-01 from the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch in order to host a second Public Hearing.
• Council declined the use the shared reserve offered by BC Transit to offset 2020 transit expenses, noting that the District wishes to bank the reserve to offset future expenditures.
• Council directed Administration to include the setup costs of monthly payments for utility and property tax payments to the 2021 budget deliberations.
• Council approved renewing the Banking Services contract with the Royal Bank of Canada for a further five-year term.
• Council accepted the 2019 Statements of Financial Information (SOFI) as presented. The statements will be posted to the District’s website for public information.
• Council approved the re-appointments of the following Officer positions to the Clearwater Volunteer Fire Department:
Guy Holland – Re-appointed as Deputy Fire Chief for a four-year term (2020-2024)
Mike Chambers – Re-appointed as Captain for a four-year term (2020-2024)
Wayne Wysoski – Re-appointed as Captain for a four-year term (2020-2024)
• Council approved receiving a one-time grant from the Red Cross Community Resiliency Grant Program ($40,000) for Fire Departments which will be expended for firefighting equipment.
• Council waived Purchasing Policy No. 2009-02 and approved entering into a three year contract with Max Gunster Contracting for the supply and delivery of woodchips for the District’s bioenergy plants for an amount of $50.00m3 to include an annual increase equal to the annual Cost of Living Index for the Province of British Columbia.
• Council approved entering into a Funding Agreement with Trans Mountain Pipeline L.P. in the amount of $3,105,283 for associated infrastructure upgrades to water and sewer. The said amount is funding of engineering, design and construction of works related to three municipal infrastructure projects for Watermain Installation and Sewer Capacity Upgrades.
• Council voted in favour of amending the 2020 Five Year Financial Plan to include $1,860,847.37 for Water Capital and $1,501,935.75 for Sewer Capital for a total of $3,362.783.12. Upon execution of the Funding Agreement for infrastructure upgrades to water and sewer, Council approved awarding three contracts as follows:
Camp 2 Watermain extension – Borrow Enterprises Ltd. – $566,976.37
Dutch Lake Watermain – Conex Civil Contractors Ltd. – $1,293,871.00
Wastewater Treatment Plan Upgrade – Bree Contracting Ltd. – $1,501,935.75
The three capital projects are funded from private contribution.
• Council provided first and second reading to Animal Control Amendment Bylaw No. 238, 2020.
• Council provided first and second reading to Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 239, 2020. The proposed Bylaw will be scheduled for a Public Hearing in conjunction with a Regular Council meeting to be held on August 18, 2020.
• Council provided first and second reading to Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 240, 2020. The proposed Bylaw will be scheduled for a Public Hearing in conjunction with a Regular Council meeting to be held on August 18, 2020.
• Council gave first, second and third reading to 2020 Tax Sale Deferment Bylaw No. 241, 2020.
• Council approved their support for the implementation of an interim national RCMP Auxiliary Program (Tier 3) program and that the program be implemented within the Clearwater RCMP Detachment.
• Council directed Administration to bring back a report on the potential capital projects identified in the 2019-2022 Council Strategic Plan and other municipal planning documents that will fit the grant criteria under the Community, Cultural and Recreation Program and the Rural and Northern Communities Program.
• Council approved authorizing the Mayor to sign a letter provided with respect to Bill 17 – Clean Energy Amendment Act. A copy of the letter will be sent to the Fraser Basin Institute.
• Council approved donating four $25 gift certificates from local businesses for the Chu Chua Volunteer Fire Department and First Responders Fundraiser.

The next Regular Council meeting is scheduled to be held Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. and is open to the Public using physical distancing!