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Council Highlights May 7, 2019

Council highlights provide a summary of key decisions made by Council during regularly scheduled meetings. Complete agenda packages and meeting minutes can be found here.

• Council accepted the 2018 Financial Audit Report presented at the meeting by the District’s auditors.
• Council directed Administration to advertise an Expression of Interest to local community clubs to host the Canada Day BBQ as a fundraiser in 2019.
• Jr. Council has requested that Council look into recycling at community parks and banning the single use plastic bags. Council directed Staff to work with the Waste Reduction Coordinator, Thompson-Nicola Regional District, with regards to commercial recycling with the intent to implement recycle bins at community parks. Council also directed that a staff report be brought back for Council’s consideration regarding options on reducing the use of and/or banning single use plastic bags in the District of Clearwater.
• The Province has launched an initiative to renew BC’s Interior forestry industry. Council supported the recommendation by the District’s Forestry Working Group to initiate discussions with forest sector representatives, licencees, First Nations and local governments (including Thompson-Nicola Regional District) to advocate for the formation of a coalition within the Kamloops Timber Supply Area (TSA) for the purposes of participating in the Forest Sector Revitalization Initiative being launched by the Provincial Government.
• Council adopted the Strategic Plan – Priorities 2019-2022 drafted in March, 2019. Council directed the Chief Administrative Officer to work with staff to refine the workplan by identifying resources and timelines for the goals and actions identified and present the document back to Council for approval. In addition, a quarterly report will be provided to Council on the Strategic Plan accomplishments and an annual review of the plan’s priorities will take place prior to completion of the budget process.
• Council agreed to waive the requirements under Purchasing Policy No. 2009-02 and award the contract for municipal road line painting within the District to Aardvark Pavement Marking Services.
• Council gave first, second and third reading to the 2019 Annual Tax Rate Bylaw No. 204, 2019. Council will review the proposed Bylaw for final adoption at a Special Meeting of Council on May 9, 2019.
• Council gave Bylaw No. 211, 2019 a Zoning Amendment Application for 429 Haywood Road first and second reading, and that a Public Hearing be scheduled in conjunction with a Regular Council meeting.
• Council gave Bylaw No. 212, 2019 Amendments to Zoning Bylaw 133, with respect to bee keeping, cannabis retail and Agriculture Land Commission change, first and second reading and that a Public Hearing be scheduled in conjunction with a Regular Council meeting.
• Council gave first reading to Bylaw No. 213, 2019 with respect to an amendment to Business Licensing and Regulation Bylaw No. 124. The proposed amendment includes updates and additions to the definitions and wording related to cannabis. It also proposes adding a new section to Schedule “A” Fees for cannabis retail and adding a fee of $1,000 for cannabis retail business license applications.
• Council gave first and second reading to Bylaw No. 214, 2019 an amendment to the District Development Procedures Bylaw 118.
• Council approved the Annual Operating Agreement with BC Transit for the period of April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020.
• Council directed Administration to send a letter of support on behalf of Council in naming February 1st “RCMP Appreciation Day” in British Columbia.
• Council directed Administration to send a letter to CN encouraging the use of sprays that are non-toxic to pollinators in the upcoming vegetation control activities between June 3, 2019 and July 31, 2019.
• Council directed Administration to prepare a letter for the Mayor’s signature to MP Cathy McLeod expressing the District’s concerns with respect to Bill C-68. Bill C-68 An Act to amend the Fisheries Act and other Acts in consequence to harmful alteration disruption or Destruction of fish habitat.

The next Regular Council meeting is scheduled to be held Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 2 p.m.