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Council Meetings and COVID

Even though we are closed to the public, the District of Clearwater will continue to hold regularly scheduled Council meetings.

The next Regular Council meeting is to be held at 2pm on May 5, 2020.

In the event you wish to observe (watch) a Council meeting, the meeting agendas are posted on our website. The agenda goes live no later than 3pm on the Friday prior to a regularly scheduled Council meeting.

If you wish to submit your comments or a question in relation to the agenda, please email to admin@docbc.ca up until 10am on the day of the Council meeting. Staff will read out your submission (question) to Council. Submissions must be relevant to an item on the current agenda. No commitments shall be made by Council in replying to a submission and please note if your submission does not meet public comment requirements, it will not be presented at the meeting.

Council Meeting Minutes are posted to our website after the meeting and Highlights are also available on our website or in the local newspaper.