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COVID-19 BULLETIN: December 3, 2020

Dr. Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix Joint Statement

New cases: 694 (4 epi-linked cases)

  • Vancouver Coastal Health region: 114
  • Fraser Health region: 465
  • Island Health region: 10
  • Interior Health region: 82
  • Northern Health region: 23
  • People who reside outside of Canada: 0

Total cases in B.C. since the start of the pandemic: 35,422

Active cases in B.C.: 9,103

  • 325 hospitalizations (80 in intensive care)

10,849 people under active public health monitoring

Recoveries: 24,928

Deaths: 481

Health-care facility outbreaks:

  • Baillie House
  • Gateway Lodge
  • University Hospital of Northern British Columbia

“Our focus with COVID-19 is to understand the risks: where, how and with whom transmission is occurring, and based on this information, put measures in place to protect everyone in the province.

“As vaccines become available, they will be our first step to protect people from severe illness and death. But right now, we must use all of our layers of protection, combined with the orders and restrictions, to slow the spread and keep people safe.

“We understand that the orders have an impact on our daily lives and well-being, and we are working to balance that with the need to protect our communities and those who are most vulnerable.

“What we know is that gatherings of any kind are higher risk for all of us right now because we have seen the virus move quickly and easily between us. That is why, other than work or school, we need to stay small and stay local right now.

“Thank you to the many people throughout our province who are doing their part and helping to protect all of us. You may feel that you are just one, but remember that you are part of our B.C. COVID-19 team, and through your effort you will help us get through this pandemic.”

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