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Daily Update from Dr. Bonnie Henry- March 19, 2020

We are fortunate to be living in a province that has been so vigorous with tracking potential cases to allow for better understanding for taking actions towards a containment strategy.  Dr. Bonnie Henry’s approach to vigorous testing will provide accurate data to assist communities in their actions the coming weeks.

Pay close attention to the messages from Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Medical Health Officer, you can tune in daily at 3pm for an update on the provincial government website. The District of Clearwater will post a daily bulletin after 4pm daily as well.

Click here to read the statement  or to the view the video on YouTube.

Her messaging in todays release is clear that taking precautionary measures “Is not optional, everybody needs to take these action now, to protect our families, ourselves and our communities.”  Be diligent about practicing social distancing, hand washing, staying home when you feel sick, sneezing and coughing into your sleeve and avoiding to touch your face. Go outside for a walk/ run/ bike ride/ stroll by yourself or the people you live with, keep a minimum of 6-feet from anyone else.   Take your kids outdoors but avoid play dates, meet ups at the playground with other kids except the ones they live with.  Enjoy the sunshine!

If you wish, you can follow the number of actual case on the here: Health Canada website.