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Digesting winter season

Clearwater has seen an above average snow days and an above average amount of snow during the 2019/20 winter season.

From mid-November 2019 through to the end of February 2020, our road maintenance contractor was busy clearing & plowing snow, spreading sand & salt, covering a total of 17,549 lane kilometers in 100 days. Here is the breakdown:

November: 19 snow days, 1,303 lane km, 69 average lane km/day
December: 31 snow days, 5,743 lane km, 185 average lane km/day
January: 29 snow days, 6,005 lane km, 207 average lane km/day
February: 21 snow days, 4,498 lane km, 214 average lane km/day

Our road maintenance contractor went above and beyond the services required in the contract.  We appreciate him and his crews for the continuous hard work to keep our roads open and clear. Thank you also to our citizens for their patience and understanding. A friendly reminder to everyone: Kindness goes a long way.