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District enters into Collaborative Agreement with BC Emergency health Services

The District of Clearwater is excited to be signing off a Collaboration Agreement with BC
Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) and the Clearwater Volunteer Fire Department. The intent
of the agreement is to ensure that patients receive quality emergency health services, putting
the needs of the patient first.
The District agrees to provide First Responders for Emergency Medical Assists, as part of the
BCEHS First Responders program. For time-sensitive situations such as a cardiac arrest, First
Responders can provide life-saving first aid, until BCEHS paramedics arrive to take over.
Firefighters can also offer support if paramedics need extra hands on scene. The Response
Area is within the District of Clearwater municipal boundaries.
“This is an excellent partnership that has been formed with BCEHS and the District First
Responders (Fire Department members), to provide the ability to offer assistance to our citizens”
noted Mayor Harwood.
Mayor John Harwood