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District hires Director of Finance

2022-01-17 – Staff Announcement: DIRECTOR OF FINANCE, ICBC & MV SERVICES (CFO)

The District of Clearwater is very pleased to announce the appointment of Linda Klassen as its new Director of Finance, ICBC & MV Services (CFO). Linda’s appointment will be effective February 16, 2022.

Linda is currently the Manager of Financial Operations (Acting/Deputy Chief Financial Officer) for the District of Squamish, a role she has held since 2016. She has also held senior leadership roles with the District of Sechelt and brings over 25 years of broad financial and business management experience, the last 14 being in senior leadership roles. She holds a Certified Management Accounting designation (CMA, CPA) and has received additional training in Truth and Reconciliation and Emergency Response.

Message from Linda: I noticed the following quote at a campsite that has been influential to me. “Happiness; connections make us happy; selfishness keeps us from connecting; instead of seeking to benefit myself, seek to benefit others and nature; this brings connections and happiness.” Author, unknown. I look forward to joining the team in Clearwater.

On behalf of the District, it is my pleasure to welcome Linda to the District of Clearwater and the community. We look forward to working with and supporting you in your new role.

John Thomas
Chief Administrative Officer