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District Receives Funding To Assist In Emergency Preparedness

Feb. 23, 2023

(Clearwater, BC) — The District of Clearwater is pleased to announce it is one of 49 First Nation communities and local governments that will receive funding to help reduce risks from future disasters related to natural hazards and climate change. The funding is part of the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund and is part of the province’s Climate Preparedness Adaptation Strategy.

In the Friday, Feb. 3 announcement, the province earmarked $23.4 million from the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund, of which the District of Clearwater will receive $146,120 for foundational activities to extend flood mapping as well as a mitigation plan.

“Clearwater is grateful for this Disaster Risk Reduction – Climate Adaptation funding. Climate change adaptation, especially to protect against flood and wildfire, is a core concern for us,” said District of Clearwater Mayer Merlin Blackwell.

The fund is provided to communities to help them better prepare for, mitigate and respond to climate-related emergencies, such as floods and extreme temperatures. The District grant was received under Category 1 which establishes foundational activities such as risk mapping and assessments and planning activities.

This will support community resilience by providing data, building partnerships and supporting long-term Disaster Risk Reduction – Climate Adaptation planning. Knowledge and activities that have been modernized, that are up-to-date and accessible, will help guide land use and development decisions and will help with enhanced education and awareness, strategic relocation and nature-based solutions. Building the body of knowledge on natural hazards and climate risks will help to identify the social, economic and environmental impacts that events will have on the community allowing for better planning in reducing or preventing risk.

As noted by Blackwell, “We’ve experienced wildfire-related blackouts, localized floods and extreme heat in the last few years. We need to be prepared, and to do that, we need all the support we can get.”

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For more information contact:
John Thomas
Chief Administrative Officer
(250) 674-2257