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District Receives Funding to Improve Indigenous Cultural Safety and Humility in Local Emergency Management

2023-02-27 — The District of Clearwater is pleased to announce it is one of 12 First Nation communities and local governments that will receive funding to improve Indigenous Cultural Safety and Cultural Humility in local emergency management. The funding is part of the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund (CEPF).

More than $562,000 has been earmarked for this endeavor, with the District receiving $30,000 in total funding for our project titled Inclusion in Disaster Management.

“Emergency Management is all about testing your plans and learning what works and what needs improvement,” said Mayor Merlin Blackwell. “Cultural safety and cultural humility haven’t traditionally been part of that experience, but it’s long past due that they become part of emergency management. We’re grateful to have this grant funding so we can do it right.”

Funding may be used for cultural safety and humility training, adapting emergency-management tools to be inclusive of Indigenous Peoples, and activities related to partnering with or aiding First Nations during emergency mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Wylie Bystedt, Economic Development Officer for the District of Clearwater noted “we look forward to working with many of our community partners on this project. These partners are important to us not only day-to-day but particularly in emergencies.”

CEPF is a suite of seven funding streams, including public notification and evacuation planning, emergency support services, and disaster risk reduction-climate adaptation. Since

2017, First Nations and local governments have been approved for more than $111 million through CEPF for more than 1,300 projects that help communities mitigate and prepare for disasters and climate-related emergencies.

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