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DOC hires new Chief Administrative Officer

2021-05-10   PRESS RELEASE – DISTRICT of CLEARWATER HIRES – New Chief Administrative Officer
The District of Clearwater would like to extend a warm welcome to John Thomas as the District’s new Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Thomas will arrive on June 28th, 2021.
Mayor Merlin Blackwell – “Leslie Groulx has been with the district since day one and it’s going to be tough to see her retire. We are incredibly thankful for her dedication to her team, her ability to build relationships with citizen groups, business, and other levels of government, and her tenacious commitment to making sure Clearwater is the best place to live work and play.
After much interest from candidates from across Western Canada, Council is pleased to announce that John Thomas, who has most recently been a CAO in the Yukon, has accepted the CAO position in Clearwater. John has a solid educational background that fits into the future needs for a growing community like ours. John’s outgoing personality and skill set seems like a perfect fit for us as a Council, and we think it will be a great fit for staff team. We look forward to welcoming John to our community.”
John Thomas“I am very excited to be joining the community and team in the District of Clearwater as the next CAO. I look forward to making myself at home while working hard to support Mayor and Council, the Administration, and Partners including Simpcw First Nations to deliver the many important priorities for the community. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge Ms. Groulx’s incredible contribution, dedication, and hard work over the past 13 plus years serving the community and the District. I look forward to working with all of you to ensure a smooth transition. “
Leslie Groulx, CAO “Hiring John Thomas in the position of CAO for the District of Clearwater’s brings a new chapter and exciting opportunity for Clearwater. John brings with him experience in municipal government, infrastructure management, planning and development and an academic background focused on tourism industry all attributes that lend to continuing the growth of our community. Welcome to Clearwater John!”