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Effective immediately: Heightened Water Conservation Rules

2021-07-27 – This summer came with higher than usual temperatures causing drought conditions which increase the wildfire risk for the District of Clearwater. To ensure an adequate water supply, Council took immediate steps during the Special Council Meeting on July 23, 2021. Effective immediately heightened watering restrictions are in place for all District of Clearwater water users. Changes have been made to the hours watering is permitted: Morning watering hours have been reduced to 2 hours from 7-9am and evening watering hours have been suspended. This is a temporary and extraordinary measure in response to current climatic conditions. Our water system is facing the highest usage levels in the afternoon and evening.

The full District of Clearwater Heightened Water Conservation policy can be found on our website.

Please be sure to adjust your watering hours for the time being and follow our page for updates. This notice is in place until further notice.

District staff have already taken action last week and significantly reduced the usage of water for sprinklers in District parks.

The District of Clearwater draws underground water from two sources: Well 1&3 are a combined system that draw from the same aquifer and Well 2 is mainly used to supplement Well 1&3.

Additionally the District uses an open water source, Russell Creek, to supply additional water to the reservoir to keep it at a near full level. The Russell Creek intake is mostly used after the spring melt and also during the winter months when flows allow. The District relies heavily on this source as it is capable of supplying adequate amounts of fresh water before most of the run off has depleted to an unusable volume.

This year’s hot summer with the unprecedented heat wave melted most of the snow that supplies Russell Creek. With this source depleted it is very difficult for the two well sources to keep up with the high demand of water. Many communities are experiencing similar drought conditions like Clearwater. Please conserve water and learn about ways to be water smart. See some tips from BC Hydro here. Thank you for your cooperation.