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Fire Mitigation Project

Some preventitive measures cost relatively little and reduce wildfire danger by a great deal.

What is a Fire Mitigation Project?

Following the guidelines set out by FireSmart Canada and BC Wildfire Service, a crew of 4, led by a trained supervisor, will conduct fire mitigation assessments and activities on residential properties.

What does it mean to have your home “Fire Smarted”?

Fire smarting your home means taking steps to reduce the potential impacts of wildfires on your home, and providing a better opportunity for firefighters to defend your home if necessary. There are a number of things that homeowners can do to FireSmart their homes, from simple yard-maintenance activities and choosing less flammable trees and shrubs in their landscape, to replacing building materials that might provide fuel for a fire.

Why Fire Smart?

Many of the recommended activities are low-cost, simple activities that can have a big impact in reducing the risk to your home, and can significantly reduce the spread of wildfire on your property and through your community.

What will the Fire Mitigation Crew do?

The crew will do a formal assessment of your property to identify areas where your home may be at-risk. The assessment covers 11 different categories in 3 different zones, covering everything from the materials used to build your home, to the location and type of vegetation on your property. You will also receive a copy of your assessment. The crew will also do some of the mitigation activities for you such as:

  • Moving woodpiles and relocating flammable materials to a safer distance
  • Clearing dead organic waste from your property
  • Basic landscaping maintenance (pruning trees and shrubs of their dead limbs, removing tall grasses, etc.)
  • Clearing gutters

They will also provide recommendations and information on how to have other activities such as tree removal and thinning, or roof replacement done.

Who is eligible to have Fire Mitigation work done?

This project is directed specifically towards seniors and community members facing mobility and/ or mental health barriers who have difficulty or are unable to complete the activities themselves.

How much will it cost?

There is no cost for the service if you meet the eligibility requirements. Unfortunately at this time, the service is not available for those who are not eligible.

How do I sign-up?

Contact the Fire Mitigation Supervisor in your area if you are interested, or know someone who may benefit from this service.

Fire Mitigation Project Supervisors

Contact your local representative for more information or to schedule an assessment.

Barriere: Sarah Dewey, Phone 250-571-0602, sarah@unitedwaytnc.ca

Clearwater: Robert Peel, Phone 250-674-1479, robert@unitedwaytnc.ca or Dwayne Braaten, Phone 250-674-7752, dwayne@unitedwaytnc.ca