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Fire Prevention Week October 6-12, 2019

Not every hero wears a cape. Plan and practice your escape.

Smoke alarms save

  • place them on the ceiling or high on a wall
  • inside bedroms
  • check and test monthly
  • replace batteries every 6 months
  • replace smoke alarms every 10 years

Get out alive

  • have two exits
  • Do you know how to use both exits
  • Do you know how to open your windows
  • Do you need escape ladders
  • Have a meeting place outside
  • Practice your escape plan and whi needs help
  • Dont go back inside
  • call 911

Heating Safety

  • ensure your heating systems are in working order
  • if you burn wood use dry wood only & clean your chimney at least once a month
  • use portable heaters wisely
  • all fuel burning systems need air
  • make sure your home always has adequate air supply for you and your heating systems

Check out: www.sparky.org, www.nfpa.org, www.fiprecan.ca