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Firefighter Appreciation Celebration

Today we are honoured to celebrate three members of the Clearwater Volunteer Fire Department for their community service and commitment.

We are proud to present Dan Daase with the 20 Year Service Award. He started with the fire department in 1999 and is a Captain today, and he also serves as the Firefighters Association Treasurer. The Department has gained a wealth of knowledge and we value Dans skill set from his Paramedic career with BC Ambulance Service and tracking our Associations fundraising dollars. Due to prior personal commitments and the COVID-19 restrictions, we are only now able to finally present him with the Federal Exemplary Services Medal.

Congratulations are in order to Jan Westendorp: He has served 35 years in the Fire Service. He moved to Clearwater from Surrey where he was part of Surrey Fire for 27 years. Eventually Jan joined the Clearwater Fire Department and volunteered his time for an additional 8 years, and counting in a very much appreciated support role. He did not only serve the citizens of Clearwater but also his fellow firefighters by passing along his knowledge and experience with a strong passion for instructing and mentoring. His wisdom and dedication has made Jan invaluable over the years and we hope to see him at the hall for many more years to come.

Happy retirement to Tom Meland who started with the Clearwater Volunteer Fire Department in 1990. He served for 29 years as a firefighter, a period as a Captain, and announced his retirement earlier this year. Tom, like others on the department, brings value on top of volunteering as a firefighter. He was with BC Ambulance Service for a number of years and like his colleague Dan, provided knowledge and insight in the paramedic medical side of emergency response.

The Clearwater Fire Department consists of 19 members of all ages and stages of life and responds to an average of 60 calls a year. Each member contributes their time to the department and is committed to their role. We will miss the member leaving for retirement and are grateful to call them family. Thank you for your service and for stepping up! We hope to have Dan and Jan with us for another 20 years!

Mike Smith
Fire Chief