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Grand Opening of new trails

September 28, 2020- Grand Opening of the Wyndhaven Multi-use Pathway and Dutch Lake Beach Accessibility Trail (Wells Gray Community Forest Trail)

The District of Clearwater Trails Task Force Committee is proud to have completed another high priority trail addressed in the Master Plan adopted in March 2016.  It is great to see the hard work of the District of Clearwater’s Trails Task Force Committee continually supported by Mayor and Council.

The Wyndhaven multi-use pathway provides a safe connection for residents and visitors alike from the subdivision to amenities located close to the roundabout. Bring your family to walk the new pathway and connect to the “Eden Road to Roundabout” trail while you are out walking.

The second component of this grant program is the build of an accessibility trail at Dutch Lake Beach to the Shelter – another project made possible by the Community Forest.

Both trails are proudly funded by the Wells Gray Community Forest ($65,000), BC Rural Dividend Fund ($105,000) and District of Clearwater (Community Works Gas Tax Funds) ($66,848). The Grand Opening  took place September 25, 2020.