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Invasive Plant Programs coming to Clearwater

2021-11-11 – The TNRD is looking to expand the New Invader Program and 50% Cost Share Program to a select number of municipalities in 2022 and to grow the contractor list to help service those areas. Clearwater is one of the municipalities to received support with invasive species.

50% Cost Share Program

The TNRD will rebate landowners up to 50% of the cost to control select invasive plants by a licensed contractor using herbicide on their private land. Rebate limits are as follows:

  • 160 acres (65 Ha) OR LESS qualify for a maximum rebate of $1,500
  • OVER 160 acres (65 Ha) qualify for a maximum rebate of $3,000

Plant that qualify for treatment must be one of the priority plants listed on the TNRD website.

Landowners will fill out the required form and make arrangements with TNRD.

New Invader Program

New invaders are invasive plants that have limited populations within the TNRD, or are threatening TNRD borders. These plants are a top priority for treatment and monitoring. The goal is to eradicate New Invaders before they spread further. The TNRD will cover UP TO 100% of the cost of invasive plant control by a licensed contractor using herbicide, for select “New Invader” plant species.

  1. Ensure the invasive plant in question is on the New Invader Program Eligible Plant List
  2. Complete the TNRD New Invader Program Application Form and submit for pre-approval
  3. Make arrangements with a TNRD Noxious Weed Control Contractor from the TNRD’s Certified Contractor List
  4. The Contractor will invoice the TNRD directly for work completed under the New Invader Program

The contractors preferably have a “Landscape Pesticide Applicators Certificate”  but the TNRD could consider the ‘Industrial Vegetation and Noxious Weed Pesticide Applicators Certificate’ as long as contractors have a working knowledge of herbicides that are appropriate for use in residential areas.

Participating companies need to supply the following:

  1. Pesticide Use Licence number and expiry date
  2. Certificate number and expiry date of all employees that will be administering herbicide application
  3. Willingness to attend a short training session to go over the program content and administrative processes (will host this in the new year).

More info here: TNRD website.