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Local Government Awareness Week, May 17-23, 2020

This week, May 17-23, 2020, is Local Government Awareness Week. The District of Clearwater is the governing body for the community of Clearwater and is providing services like economic development, planning and development, building services, community parks, bylaw enforcement, emergency management, road development and maintenance, street lighting, fire department, cemetery, water and sewer, Community Recreation/Healthy Living. With the North Thompson Sportsplex and Transit as a shared service with the TNRD.

The Mayor and six Councillors are the center of the organization making policy decisions including adopting bylaws for the community, supported by the Chief Administrative Officer and staff in the various departments. The District organizes events such as Winter Fest, Canada Day and Bike Week and is supporting local volunteer groups with their projects and events.

The District connects with our residents through our website, Facebook, newsletter and other publications mailed out to residents, Open Houses and Public Hearings. We appreciate the support and input we receive from our residents and encourage everyone to take part in your local government.

Local government is the easiest level of government to get involved with and to make changes for your community. We have residents and local business owners who support the District with their expertise and knowledge to build trails in the community, keeping the forestry sector top of mind through the Forestry Working Group, being part of the Community Economic Task Force providing input on local economic development, and being volunteer fire fighters/first responders. There are many ways to get involved and make this community the best we can.