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Make your voice heard: Canadian Forest Products Ltd. proposes to transfer their tenure to Interfor Corporation

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. proposes to transfer their tenure to Interfor Corporation , which includes 21 associated road permits.

Have your voice heard – the Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development wants to hear from the public as to whether the proposed transfer of Forest Tenure (Tree Farm Licence 18 and Forest Licence A18688, including 21 associated road permits) from Canadian Forest Products Ltd to Interfor Corporation is in the Public Interest.

The Minister is required as per the Forest Act to consider the transfer of forest tenure and the effects of a transfer on the marketing of fibre in BC as well as public interest. Your feedback provides valuable information and will show if conditions should be placed on the transfer from Canfor to Interfor to meet public interest e.g. personal, community, environmental and economic values as well as business relationships, that are proposed or entered into by the intended holder of the tenure and other parties.

To provide your input and for more information, please click here. This form will be open for the duration of the government engagement process. It may close at any time.