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March 18 is Transit Driver Appreciation Day

Transit Driver Appreciation Day (TDAD) is an international celebration dedicated to showing support and appreciation for the efforts of bus and rail drivers around the world. Everyday our transit drivers work hard to arrive at their scheduled stops on-time, check fares and give directions, all while safely maneuvering a large vehicle through traffic. They deserve our thanks!
Join us in celebrating our hard-working bus drivers by handing out a thank you card to your drivers, submit your compliments to bctransit.com/contact/give-compliment or use the hashtag ‘TDAD’ on social media. Bus riders wishing to make Transit Driver Appreciation Day a little more special for their favourite operators can also simply thank their transit driver whenever they are exiting the bus. Even though TDAD happens once a year, drivers deserve our appreciation every day!

Thank you cards are available free of charge at the District of Clearwater office or Yellowhead Community Services, Park Drive.