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Message from your Mayor

Sometimes there is an advantage to being first into a crisis. This worked for us in the forestry downturn. We received more focus from government and didn’t get lost in the shuffle of communities with the same problem.

Covid 19 is a crisis that you want to be last to the party for. Being later means you have more time to prepare, and more time to learn from the experiences and mistakes of others. We’ve learned effective ways to prevent virus transmission, how this virus spreads, and how to safely go about business as best we can.

After being hit hard by Covid 19 early on, Japan lifted many isolation requirements in mid March, only to have to reinstate rules 3 weeks later as a surge of new infections; after a return to pre-Covid behaviors. And Japan is not alone in this rebound of infections. The lesson here is that, until a vaccine is widely available, we are going to have to keep our guard up. We are in this for the long haul.

On a positive note, Taiwan and South Korea have started to move toward normal life again, albeit with mass testing and new health and safety protocols. Life in those countries is returning to a new form of normal.

There is some good news here as well. A new Canadian made 30 minute Covid test will be available very soon. Our excellent work on social distancing seems to have flattened the curve in BC, and this has given our medical professionals a chance to get as prepared as possible for the coming battle. We are rebuilding supply chains, and it won’t be long before things like masks and hand sanitizer are available for everyone. We have, for the most part, done the right thing. We should all be so thankful for this.

What we need to focus on now is the upcoming flood and fire seasons, and most importantly, how we can recover economically from this. We need to prepare and adapt to living and doing business with Covid for the foreseeable future. Let’s learn from the mistakes and from the victories of others and find a path forward so we can start to live and breathe again. We are a creative bunch, I know we can do it.

Keep up the good work! Mayor Merlin Blackwell