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Moose Hide Campaign Day

2023-05-11 — Moose Hide Campaign Day is a BC-born Indigenous grassroots movement that aims to engage men and boys in ending violence against women and children. Today, it is a nation-wide movement of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities who are committed to taking action and making change. 

Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of violence which may include physical or sexual since the age of 16. Spousal violence of Indigenous women is three times higher than non-Indigenous women. A woman or girl is murdered every two and a half days in Canada.  

The Moose Hide Campaign encourages men and boys to be accountable and part of the solution so that these statistics are no more.  

Wearing a moose hide pin shows commitment to honour, respect and protect the women and children in our lives and to speak out about gender-based and domestic abuse. The District of Clearwater encourages everyone to wear a moose hide pin and supports Moose Hide Campaign.